Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grom Surf Festival:        

To kick off the summer season, the Florida Surfing Association is bringing the 4th Annual Super Grom Surf Festival, presented by Beaches Hospitality Network to the south side of the Jacksonville Beach Pier this Saturday, June 16th from 10:00am till 2:00pm.

The Florida Surfing Association is happy to announce that Beaches Hospitality Network has come on board to assist in bringing the Super Grom Surf Festival to Jacksonville Beach for three Saturday's out of the summer. Beaches Hospitality Network will help out in gathering community support in providing the t-shirts and medals for the participants. This partnership will enhance the festival atmosphere by bringing out more local vendors and artists to the beach.

Keeping intact with the Super Grom standards, the free events will provide the children with one on one surf instruction from Florida's top professional surfers, a lesson on water safety, an event t-shirt, a medal, free lunch, and a fun-filled day on the beach. The festivals are open to children 10 and under and must have a parent or legal guardian to accompany them at all times. New to the beach this summer will be Woody's BBQ, local clothing companies, Cliff Bar and Honest Tea giving out product samples. Food is being provided by Taco Lu, Honey Baked Hams, Bojangle's Chicken and Oriental Karinderia.

The medals are provided by Angie's Groms and T-shirts are being provided by Two Dudes Seafood, Twice the Ice, Lifestyles Realty and Great Atlantic Outfitters.

Even with the large surf and currents forecasted for Saturday the emphasis will be on having fun and being safe. There will be lots of games, giveaways, and one on one surf instruction close to the beach. This is a dynamic event with plenty of photo opportunities!

Through participation or sponsorship, the Super Grom Surf Festival Series is a great way to get involved in the Beaches Community. Each festival is limited to 150 participants and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Starting this year, "groms" may only enter one of the Super Grom series events. This event is totally FREE and is a way for everyone to give back to the community and introduce the sport of surfing to kids. The next two Super Grom Surf Festivals will be July 14th and August 11th. For more information visit or email

Skullcandy Oz Grom Open 2012

Lennox Head, NSW
Fri 6-Jul-2012 to Tue 10-Jul-2012
Entry Closing Date:
Mon 25-Jun-2012
Surfers in each divison have to be the age of the divison if not younger as of the 31st December 2012. They can not turn older than the specified divison in 2012. Same for each divison: E.g. 12 & Under Boys have to be 12 years or under as of the 31st December 2012.
Single division entry only
16 & Under Boys (FULL), 16 & Under Girls (FULL), 14 & Under Boys (FULL), 12 & Under Boys (FULL)
$80.00 (inc. GST) per division
Australia's premier boardriding club "LE-BA" has teamed up with SKULLCANDY HEADPHONES to create the "SKULLCANDY OZ GROM OPEN",a premium Junior surfing event at Lennox Head NSW from the 6th - 10th July 2012.
Event Contact and Communication
Any updates leading into the competition and heat draw links will all be posted on LE-BA facebook page.
Event Poster
NOTE: - Le Ba Boardriders are linking in with Surfing NSW to run the event. Please use the above contact for different aspects of the event communication.
There will be four divisions:
  • 12 & under boys (24 competitor format) - cannot turn 13 in 2012
  • 14 & under boys (48 competitor format) - cannot turn 15 in 2012
  • 16 & under boys (64 competitor format) - cannot turn 17 in 2012
  • 16 & under girls (24 competitor format) - cannot turn 17 in 2012
NOTE: At present only can surf in one divison per competitior
NOTE: At present only 1x girls divison 16 & under but on high demand can relook at this. Please get your entries in quick before fill up.
NOTE: 16 boys will be the blue ribbon division which will move to man on man format for the final's series with possible jetski assist pending conditions (contest directors call).
NOTE: Blue ribbon 16 & under $1000 up for grabs for 1st prize.
Format & Schedule
  • The format will be no 1st round loser with repercharge.
  • Man on Man heats to replicate the World Tour Formatt will come into play in the later heats of the Under 16 Boys.
  • Event will be have the ability to have a lay day to utilise the best conditions
  • The schedule will be day by day to again ensure the correct divisons are in the correct conditions
  • Heat Draws will be released via the below heat draw button
  • A condition dependant Schedule will also be released on the heat draw button
  • ASP judging panel & Accredited judges
  • Fantastic Skullcandy competitor packs for every competitor on check in!
  • Event will utilise all beaches in Lennox Head but Lennox Beach will be the main contest location
Accomodation Links
Sponsors - Support those who make Junior Surfing happen!
Get your entries in quick as limited positions!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Summer to Remember

With summer being right around the corner it's time to think about where and how I might want to spend it. Summer is never complete for me with out spending a majority of it at the beach. A day I spend surfing in the summer is time well spent. I have an idea to do just that, while at the same time paying it forward.

Back in the summer of 1989, I woke up one Saturday morning and turned on the radio. While I was making breakfast and taking a shower, I decided to go to the beach. I made several calls to friends and asked them if they would like to go? No one took me up on my offer, so I decided to go alone. I set foot on the beach around 8:30 on that Saturday morning and sat my board down. As I sipped on a cup of coffee, I noticed a little kid who couldn't have been more than 9 or 10 years old walking down the beach, picking up shells, or so I thought. I went out and came back in after about 1/2 an hour to get warm. The kid came walking back by with a huge trash bag in tow. I hollered at him, and said, looks like you found a ton of shells. He looks at me like I'm crazy and says, this is trash. I was like what? After speaking with him, I found out why he was out on a Saturday morning picking up trash instead of being at home watching cartoons and playing video games. He told me that his father was making him do it as punishment for talking back. He was really mad about it until I told him that someone had to do this, and if it wasn't him, it would be someone else. He asked me why, and I told him that with out someone cleaning the beach, it would get so dirty that no one would want to come and visit it. I also told him that he should feel honored to be the person that day to clean the beach, and that I sure appreciated it. He stated that he was still mad about it. I told him that I would make a deal with him. I said I would clean the beach that next Saturday morning, and if he ever had to do it again, he would have less to pick up. He agreed with me and asked me about where I got my board and if maybe he could ride it sometime later in the day. I told him sure. He definitely came back around 11:00 a.m. with some of his friends and family. I was true to my word, and he kept my board till around 2:00 p.m. that day. After that day, at least once a month I would catch him picking up trash on the beach.  He told me that he sometimes got bored after waking up early, and comes down to the beach with a trash bag or two and makes a once over up the shore, then back. He doesn't mind it so much now, and he had even earned enough money cutting grass and cleaning yards that he was able to buy his first surfboard.

I think that this summer when I visit Cocoa Beach, I'd like to help out like that little kid did. 


Friday, February 4, 2011

Wave Rage

More people than ever are taking to the waves. The sports popularity has come along way since the 1970’s when in that era everyone wanted to be a soul surfer. The waves are fought over, with local surfers dropping in on what you considered to be your wave. When the locals hit the water, the worst is bound to rattle a few nerves. Every surfer has witnessed at least an argument, or even worse. A surf fight. The big guy usually wins. Total disrespect for the rules and priorities ignite endless fist fights. In most situations, surfers are simply looking for a way to unwind as they paddle out.
Near Oceania, in particular countries such as Australia, surfers have been known to follow an unspoken code of conduct, in order to avoid the surf fights that ultimately lead to bad consequences. Surfing etiquette is posted on certain beaches. The idea is to protect the less experienced surfer and to imply consequences to those locals that bully the beginning surfer. When there simply are not enough waves for everyone, it is best to find a spot later in the evenings when most others arms and legs are too noodled out to even have the energy to ignite a fight over waves. When a guy makes mistake, and this does happen. Talking it out and explaining yourself instead of throwing the first insult or fist is a tried and true remedy. Surfing is not a sport that should involve fighting. When you come off a session, you usually are feeling like a better person. You should feel peaceful, relaxed and feeling content. The surfing scene should make you feel relaxed, as time slows down for you. The lifestyle of surfing generally gives most people a more laid back lifestyle. So, why throw a punch when you could be making friends that usually have a smile for you, along with constructive criticism about your session?
Getting stitches, yelling, and sometimes a cracked grill and bruised egos are the most easiest way to react. After you miss a wave, more will come that usually are even better. Respect for the surf rules and locals are generally known by everyone, including first timers that most people consider ignorant of every aspect of the sport. Try acknowledging someone when they come in out of ocean from a session. Try remembering what happened when you caught your very first wave and stood up. You know the feeling that got you hooked in the first place? Try browsing some wave rage 
videos on the net then you should remember that the golden rule is simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you.   Mahalo